We accept wire Transfer(Western Union and MoneyGram), Zelle, CashApp, Bitcoin, Gift Cards, Bank Transfer, for payment for your puppies.

*wire Transfer(Western Union and MoneyGram). if you choose the option of making payment via Western Union or MoneyGram, a detail payment information will be send to you. you shall use that details to make payment either trough Western Union or MoneyGram

*Zelle. when you are ready to make payment, an email address will be send to you, so shall use it in making payment.

*Gift Cards. we mostly prefer accepting payment with Gift Cards because is more reliable and easy to find. When you are ready to make payment. we shall let you know the kind of gift cards you shall purchase.

*Bank Transfer. bank details will send to you to make payment. we only accept bank transfer if your purchasing

amount is above $3000. payment below you shall use any of the above payment methods.


Once you have chosen your puppy, you shall fill in the form on the website or call/text for confirmation. you shall send your full delivery information. Name, State, City, Homes Address, Zip code, Telephone number and Email Address. your puppy will be registered at the Pet courier Agency(Express Cargo Shipping Agency). The delivery agency will contact you for confirmation. A tracking number will be issued to you. you shall use the tracking number to access the company’s website get all information of your puppy, the departure and delivery time.
Once you have access the Pet courier company’s website and confirm all information about your puppy, you shall proceed with payment.
once payment is confirmed, the delivery agency will proceed with the change of ownership documents to your name as the new owner. your puppy will be delivery directly to you at your home address that is at your doorstep.


We Currently Have Coupons From Our Shipping Agent To Ship 3 Puppies At No Extra Cost, So If You Purchase Your Puppy While This Coupons Are Still Available And Valid, We Will Be Able To Ship Your Puppy For Free. Otherwise Shipping Will Cost An Addition Fees
We Have Been Shipping Puppies For Many Years And It Is A Very Simple And Effective Way Of Getting A Puppy To Its New Home. We Ship Everyday To Major Airports Nation Wide. We Shall Get Your Puppy Registered At The Pet Delivery Agency. The Delivery Agency Will Provide You With A Tracking Number. You Shall Use The Tracking Number To Access The Company’s Website And Get All Information About Your Puppy Departure And Delivery Time.

Once Payment Is Confirmed, The Delivery Agency Will Process The Change Of Ownership Documents To Your Name As The New Owner Before Proceeding With Shipping And Delivery. Your Puppy Will Be Delivered Directly To You At Your Doorstep By A Delivery Agent. We Trust And Work Very Closely With with Express Cargo Shipping Agency.
Your Puppy Is Sent Home With All Of Their Paperwork (Exams, Vaccination Record, Registration Papers, A Year Health Guarantee, Play Toys Etc.)


Our Shipping takes 6 to 14 hours depending on your state. Then to European Countries, it’s takes a maximum of two to three days